General Crab (Mobile POD-Crab03) ,the second wave of ACTION BASE series,is coming.

The strong momentum exudes from two large heavy-duty claw arms of POD-CRAB03 is precisely its most prominent landmark features. It can not forget its flexibility,application universally and other performance so efficient and powerful. While it is so approachable!! It not only has a smart stature, but also versatile.It must be able to become generalship. General Crab will be born!!!

 "CRAB"--Just like a crab;
"0"--Pioneer, new beginning
"3"--Three groups manchanical arms;

The POD-CRAB03 is the new generation of wide-area generic engineering maintenance machine. It belongs slide and tensile load maintenance operation machine. Addition to

the whole scene cockpit, POD-CRAB03 configures changeable modules system innovatively. In order to achieve flexibility functions in one, this system has two operating forms, a

total of three sets of high degree of flexible and functional mechanical arms.These two operation forms can replace quickly to adapt different working environment and all kinds

of construction target.


 Split the bracket seat can be found a mount at one end of the support rod inconspicuous but significant. This mount is specifically designed in line with our first bomb MS GARAGE. The bracket could block to the suitable position of MS GARAGE, and put on the Crab03, it could create a cool vacant flight operation status.

Two Operation Packs
1) Operation with Light Packs    

The core unit of Crab03, delicate and flexible miniature flight crew. It couldslide quiet and quickly, also can pivot turn. It could navigate to various wide area space,

such as universe, garage base and the warehouse. Its smart stature could finish the fine target quickly and accurately in a narrow work-site.


Two groups mechanical arm “Skillful Hands”
The First Group
Conventional operations mechanical arm: medium-sized, single-arm, to the forefront at
the waist of the unit, with the protect guard plate.
Target: Crawl, mining, bulldozing, leveling and other conventional type job.

 The Second Group
Fine operations mechanical arms: small-sized, side by side two pairs of four mechanical
located in the bottom of the crew base.
Target: gripping, loading and unloading, welding, painting, drilling and other fine job.

2)Operation with Heavy Packs
On the base of light packs form,Crab03 replace the traction machines and carrying frame,
assembly on a group of heavy-duty power mechanical arm and larger power backpack.It
greatly enhance the entirely power and snatch force.The heavy-duty power mechanical arm is the most suitable for high output crawling ,pulling ,carrying and fixed operations.

Plus the "Skillful Hands", three groups mechanical arms collaborate together to show more higher durability and a wider range of application.


POD-Crab03 File
【FUNCTION】 Various daily check up, GUNDAM or all kinds of robots maintenance,
logistics, supervision, attendance, repair, floor clean up, project close out and other operations.
Efficient and flexible, under different circumstances,replacement of heavy-duty power
backpack to convert between the light pack and heavy pack.It lead to wide range used,excellent performance and reach maximized operation efficiency.

 41 movable joints bits: (including rotation type joints and mobile joints)

Machine hatch opening and closing:1

Conventional Operation mechanical hands :8

Fine Operation mechanical hands:12

Heavy-duty power mechanical arms:20





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